duminică, 30 noiembrie 2008


My best friend (Nana) birthday party @ Bowling club. / 29.11.2008

Usssss.Group hug.


Party hard.

sâmbătă, 29 noiembrie 2008


I went in a school trip in 14-15-16th November in Poland. Here are some shoots :

Sisters :

Cuz we'll be friends FOREVER :

Group Shoot :


duminică, 9 noiembrie 2008

Soulstorm ?

November sunday @ home.

luni, 3 noiembrie 2008

New stuff + Today's Outfit

Azi am avut un mare chef de cumparaturi.Si,am luat-o pe sora-mea si am mers la primul magazin (second-hand,de data asta) unde am gasit acestra geanta Daniel Ray,in velur,cu doar 8 lei.A fost ca o dragoste la prima vedere :) Pana si la mama i-a placut.Deci,asta e descoperirea saptamanii :D !

Today,I was in the mood for shopping.So,I took my sister and walked until we've found the firts show in our way (it was a second-hand one,this time) where I found this Daniel Ray bag,for only like 4 US $.It was like love at the first sight.Even my mom loved it.So,this is the best item of the week !

Bluza asta am cumparat-o azi,dinrt-un second-hand care e foarte aproape de casa mea,dar unde nu am intrat prea des.Cuma ma zarit cosul ce haine la 1 lei,am inceput sa sap adanc,si am gasit-o.Nu e cine stie ce,dar e confortabila si totusi..la 1 leu.


I've bought this blouse today,from a second-hand shop really close to my house,but where I haven't entered so often.As I saw the 1 leu (really small price) place,I started to dig and I found it.IS not a big deal,but it's contfortable and at a very low price.

Asa m-am imbracat azi la scoala.Deobicei ma imbrac asa cand nu am inspiratie,sau cand imi e prea lene sa combin ceva mai intersant.

This is what I wore today at school.I am ussualy dressing like this when I have no inspiration or when I am too lazy to combine something interesing.

sâmbătă, 1 noiembrie 2008

DIY accesories (part 2)

Pentru ca nu aveam nimic mai bun de facut azi,m-a apucat dorul de DIY stuff,si m-am pus pe treaba :) Si,cu putina Pictatura si rabdare.
Today,because I've got nothing better to do,I strated DIY-ing some stuff.
And I've made this 4 badges,with some strong glue and patience.
Hope you'll like them !

duminică, 19 octombrie 2008

Outfit of the day + Top



Bunaaaaaaaa.Weekndu-l asta am fost foarte plictisita,si ce sa fac altceva inafara de curatenie?Si,facandu-mi ordine prin dulapuri,am gasit topul asta gri,si ma gandeam sa il arunc,pentru ca era prea simpli,si nu mai stiam cu ce l-as putea purta.Pana cand mi-am adus aminte ca am vazut pe http://childhoodflames.blogspot.com,un top asenemator.Si,am pus mana pe foarfeca,si m-am apucat sa il tai :)La final,i l-am aratat la mama,careia i-a placut mult de tot :) SI m-am gandit sa cumpar mai multe topuri simple,pe care sa le tai asa,numai cu modele diferite.:)
Hello Everybody.This weekend,as I was kinda bored,I was thinking to clean up my room.And I found this old gray top,and I thougt I could throw it away,because I won't use it anymore,thinking It's too simple and boring.But I remember I saw on some blog a top like this,so I decided to cut it like this.After I've finished,even my mother loved it :) So,I guess I'll buy more simple tops and cut them in diffrent ways.

Asta am purtat azi,intr-o vizita la mall,cu prietena mea.Scuze pentru calitatea "extraordinara",numai ca pozele au fost facute seara,cand lumina era foarte proasta in camera..
This is what I wore today to go out with my best friend.
I think it's a cute outfit,that really represent me,in some way.
Sorry for the low quality,I took them @ 8 p.m.,when I got home,and the light wasn't so good.

-Stradivarius brown jeans
-Vero Moda blue dress
-Next blouse
-Old boots (;x)
-My dad's hat
-Secondhand belt

(and yea,I had my hair curly :x )

sâmbătă, 11 octombrie 2008

New acquisitions

Dupa cum zic mereu,sunt o mare fana a magazinelor second-hand dar si a celor vintage (cam invizibile prin Cluj).Totusi,azi cand veneam de la scoala,am intrat intr-un second-hand pentru a-mi satisface nevoia de a ma uita si cauta haine.

Si,dupa ce m-am uitat pe acolo,am descoperit acest pulover de la United Colors of Benneton,care in realitate arata ca nou,si a fost si doar 10 lei.C'mmon.SI,mi-am mai cumparat o pereche de jeansi de la Flo&Jo,tot pentru 10 lei,da' n-am mai avut timp/chef pentru poze.
As I said in the previous blog post,I am a huge fan of second-hand/vintage stores.
So,as I bought everything I could from the stores I ussualy buy,I saw a new one,somewhere close to my house.So,I entered there and I falled in love at the first sight with some items,and then bought them all.

UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON jumper.It looks really good,like I'd bought it from the original store.I love it because is soooooo warm and soft.(price : 5 US $ / 10 lei)

Cizme din velur + blana.Le-am gasit la un alt second-hand.La prima vedere mi se pareau divine,si ieftine,in comparatie cu pretul pietei.Si le-am luat.Numai ca acuma astept sa fie iarna,sa le pot purta.:)
Leather boots.It was a really love at the first sight.(:x) They are kinda big,
I wear 37-38 and they are 39.But I bought them because I like them,they look good and they are sooooooo cheep comparing to the other boots.(price : 32 US $ / 65 lei)

Rochie.Sunt in mare cautare de rochii.Am luat-o pentru primavara,ca doar a fost 10 lei.
Dress.I am really looking for new dresses,because I only have 3,and I want to have like 10.Anyway,the material is reallt good,and it's perfect for autum.(price : 3 US $,10 lei)

Bluza NEXT.E simpla dar comoda.
NEXT blouse.It really simple but nice.I love the small buttons.(price : 1.5 US $ / 3.5 lei)

A,capa?NU stiu sigur cum se numeste,dar e foarte draguta.Planuiesc sa o port tot in primavara,cand nu e asa frig.
Haha.I don't know how to call it,but is really great.It so funny and chilish.I can't wait to wear it.(price :2.5 US $ / 5 lei )(I'LL POSE SOON SOME NEW PHOTOS WITH ME,WEARING THOSE CLOTHES,SO STAY TUNED !)